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The venue at TAKET are ideal for larger or smaller courses, conferences and seminars. The premises include a stage, sound system, large screens and many other facilities. The kitchen has the opportunity to serve easy meals and coffee for lunch, or a more solemn dinner later in the evening. We help you customize the premises for the best possible event!

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TAKET offers you a great conference room in central Oslo. We want to deliver a different and enjoyable experience here with us. We put a lot of soul into all the events we deliver, and it is important for us that you get the experience you want.

We may offer Oslos finest roof terrace of 340 sqm. In addition, there are 450 sqm. indoors. All in all, this is the perfect conference room in Oslo. There is a capacity for 780 guests to visit us at the same time. It is possible to use only parts of the room if you feel that the entire venue is too big.

Our events are always tailored to your needs so you get the best overall experience. We thus deliver events both with and without dining.

The kitchen at TAKET is managed by Sebastian Myhre and his team. Delicious dishes are made from short-traveled, good ingredients. TAKET does not run a restaurant business, which makes this a unique opportunity to try this exclusive menu.

Immediate proximity to trains, subways and tram stations makes it easy for participants to get to and from the event. There is a separate entrance between Gucci and Hermes in Nedre Slottsgate 8 with a direct lift up to the room where you can meet the participants with a nice welcome.

Many OPTIONS WITH A floorPLAN for all types of EVENTS

  • Conference Modern venue in central Oslo

  • Concert A unique and different music experience

  • Workshop We help you adapt to your needs

  • Fair & Exhibition Set up stands next to large windows with good lighting

  • Launch party Introduce a new product or idea. We are happy to assist with solution suggestions and layout.

  • Breakfast meeting Have a meeting with delicious coffee at sunrise

We offer a separate entrance between Gucci and Balenciaga in Nedre Slottsgate 8 with possibilities for a reception lounge.